Emergency response

In order to overcome the lack of effective emergency response capabilities in the city of Matadi, MGT has set up its own firefighters and emergency response team, whose mission is to protect people working within the terminal and the assets.

The team consists of 20 persons, mainly MGT employees working in operations and technical departments. They are fully equipped, certified and operational since December 2016.


Our firefighters have had to intervene successfully in the terminal, but because of its effectiveness, the population of Matadi regularly calls upon them for help in the city. To date, it does not count their multiple interventions, to the great satisfaction of the people of the city of Matadi.

Since their first intervention, in December 2016, at the Kinkanda General Hospital, they have already made 11 minor and major interventions, despite the difficult conditions of access to the intervention site and the lack of provisions for water supply in the city of Matadi. They have proven to almost always been the first team to arrive at the scene, well equipped and prepared.

While local shippers and lines are acknowledging MGT for their safe and efficient port operations, the local community is also acknowledging MGT for the safe and efficiency because of the interventions of our firefighters in the city of Matadi. These interventions have become now part of our social responsibility towards the population of Matadi, ensuring that they can count on MGT for guarding them safe, day and night.

The latest development is the cooperation agreement between the intervention teams of other private and public companies at the initiative of MGT.

We salute these brave workers and thank them for their efforts and protection